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Mom, Writer, Speaker, Award Winning Author, Advocate for Social Media Etiquette, As Seen on FOX29 Good Day Philadelphia, CBS3 Philly, KFI640AM & more | Creator of Don’t Show Me (#dontshowme) Dare Campaign to Combat Cyberbullying

Jen “J.J.” Cannon is a California native transplanted to the east coast 15 years ago. She has worked as a freelance writer, specializing in Social Media Management and founded JenCann Productions in 2009.

Since publishing her first book, “@Sophie Takes a #Selfie”, a one of a kind social media guide, she has appeared regularly on FOX29 Good Day Philadelphia and CBS3 Philly. She has also been interviewed by media in print and on radio from Sydney, Australia to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

J.J. speaks to elementary and middle school students and her assembly, aptly named “A Very Social Presentation”, is highly regarded by educators and school administrators around the country.

J.J. is married with three children and, when not at a barn or fencing tournament, enjoys traveling and cooking for family and friends.

Author Photo

J. J. Cannon

J. J. Cannon Photo Credit  Seven Souls Studios

J. J. Cannon Photo Credit Seven Souls Studios

J. J. Cannon
Photo Credit Seven Souls Studios

Fun Facts About J. J. Cannon

  • J. J. was born and raised in Southern California.  Her father nicknamed her “Curly” as a child for obvious reasons.
  • J. J. is a descendant of Abraham Lincoln on her Mother’s side.  In truth, it looks like Abe is a distant cousin or Uncle.  Her great-grandmother’s maiden name is Lincoln.  Yes, there are tall people in her family.  She would love to get to the bottom of this with the help of the folks at TLC’s “Who Do You Think You Are”.  She is also a very proud one-quarter Armenian, and Danish.
  • J. J.’s grandfather, Robert ‘Bob’ Jensen and great-grandfather, John C. Jensen were pioneers in radio.  Bob Jensen also worked as an audio engineer for NBC for 38 years before retiring in 1975. He helped open NBC’s first television studio on October 5, 1938 at Sunset Vine.
  • J. J. has held a variety of interesting jobs including, but not limited to, working for a private investigator, flipping burgers, slinging drinks at a ski lodge, a brief stint as a manicurist, and acting as right hand to a billionaire software developer.
  • J. J. has three children, a son, 31 and two daughters, 13 and 11.  Don’t do the math.  This equates to two completely different lifetimes of motherhood and the respective experiences provided by each.
  • At a certain point in J. J.’s younger life she was told she wasn’t “smart enough” to attend college.  She seems to have done alright despite her lack of higher education.
  • In her day job as an independent contractor for All Stages Marketing, J. J. is proud of the authentic and organic following she has garnered on Twitter through her ability to selflessly promote and connect with others.  As a result she has connected and built valuable relationships with major influencers there.
  • J. J. can throw down in the kitchen and can make taquitos, fresh salsa, and guacamole to rival your favorite Mexican restaurant.


STS - 3D Book image

@Sophie Takes a #Selfie
Telemachus Press
ISBN: 9781940745442
February 12, 2014

ISBN-10: 1940745454

ISBN-13: 978-1940745459


“J. J. Cannon has written a cute and clever book that’s chock full of social media etiquette tips.  @Sophie Takes a #Selfie brings timeless parenting advice into crisp focus for the digital generation!”

“I need to download @Sophie Takes a #Selfie for my little grandchildren right now!  Wow!  I always felt I was ‘too special’ to be part of the pack.  Keep special darlings! Happy Days from ‘Mrs. C.'”
MARION ROSS    — ABC’s Happy Days

“Highly recommended for today’s digital generation.  Thoughtful and insightful- a must read for parents, the sooner the better.  Well done J. J.!”
     JOHN LOCKE    — New York Times Best-Selling Author,
First Self-Published Author to Sell 1 Million eBooks on Amazon Kindle


Oxford Dictionaries named “Selfie” Word of the Year 2013.  J. J. Cannon, Freelance Writer and Social Media Pro, is fascinated and inspired, not only by the dichotomy of the not quite emotionally mature 8-10 year old socially active set, but girls of all ages who are interested in definitive guidelines for what constitutes appropriate online behavior. Written as thoughtfully as she would write to her own children, J. J.’s “Sophie” is being called the “Social Media Bible of today” for girls…who can feel free to share with the boys too!

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